Women Entrepreneurs Rock presents

The WE Rock Pitch - A Shark Tank Concept For Women Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs Rock will pre-qualify and pre-screen three qualified attendees of the 2016 Women Entrepreneurs Rock Conference.  The three finalists will be announced at the conference.  They will then have the opportunity to pitch their business idea for 15 minutes to three venture capitalists (sharks) in front of the audience of conference attendees.

The perfect pitch will receive up to $10,000 in venture capital!

The concept is similar to the TV show Shark Tank: 

The three entrepreneurs will pitch their ideas in 15 minutes.

The Sharks will ask questions of the entrepreneurs for approximately 10 minutes. In the final 5 to 10 minutes, the Sharks will either make offers or not (explaining their decision) for an equity (ownership) or interest in a portion of the business presented. No money will be exchanged at the conference as the investment will be made subsequent to the conference, after the Sharks have had the opportunity to do their due diligence to validate that the entrepreneur's statements are factual and that the terms and conditions orally presented can be agreed to in writing by both parties.

Each of our Sharks is willing to approve funds, up to $10,000 per idea, should the business proposition be compelling enough for the Shark to invest. The Sharks could fund all of the ideas or none of the ideas, depending on the content of what is presented and the investment appetite of the Shark.

Shark Brent Sobol will provide a $100 gift card as an award for being one of the three selected to present. All applications will have been reviewed by the Women Entrepreneurs Rock 2016 selection committee for suitability and potential fit.

Applications must be submitted by October 29, 2016

The Fine Print

To be selected for venture capital investment, the sharks are looking for:


A business that is unique/different/needed in today’s economy.

A well written business plan that explains how their business will operate.

A business that has a clear plan for repaying the venture capital invested.

A business that will provide a return on investment of venture capital provided within a foreseeable/forecastable time period.

Businesses concerned with social or economic betterment will be given preference.

An entrepreneur that understands today (and doesn’t need to be taught) how to keep proper accounting books and closes out their books on a monthly basis.

The entrepreneur should have ready and accessible capital to invest alongside the venture capitalist.

The entrepreneur's personal credit should be good enough for a bank to loan them money for advancing their business concept if need be.

All documents must be applicant's original work.

The WE Rock Pitch Application

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