Lavon Lewis

Lavon Lewis

Founder & Joint CEO PDG Branding & Marketing

LaVon Lewis, one of the nation’s most respected authorities on branding and marketing, and he is the joint CEO and Chief Creative Officer of PDG Branding and Marketing an Atlanta-based, award winning branding and marketing firm. LaVon transforms conceptual ideas into signature brands for companies all over the world. Today, PDG has earned its way to being one of the most sought-after branding and marketing firms in the nation as noted by Black Enterprise Magazine.

Upon PDG’s inception, LaVon founded PDG in a dorm room at his alma mater at the tender age of 19 with his business partner and PDG Co-Founder, Sherrod Shackelford. Upon graduation and submitting numerous resumes and applications, Mr. Lewis was rejected from more than 25 different employers. Despite the obstacles that were placed along his path, his ambition, passion and vision superseded his lack of experience, finances and business support. With his goal clearly in view, LaVon started PDG and was recently named one of Atlanta’s Top 25 Rising Stars.

Today, with over fifteen years of business achievements under his business belt, LaVon Lewis and the PDG team have amassed over 50 awards worldwide (i.e. U.S. Department of Commerce Minority Technology Firm of the Year, Golden Addy, GMSDC Supplier of the Year and Entrepreneur Of The Year) and have garnished a business clientele portfolio that boasts of the countries Who’s Who in business and entertainment (Panasonic, The Home Depot, Chevrolet, AT&T, Coca-Cola, The City of Atlanta and The Hilton Hotels).

In addition to his business successes, Mr. Lewis is also an accomplished, bestselling author, with his highly sought after book, “Today is a Great Day for a WOW Image!” which has been a great resource for business owners and aspiring business professionals alike. With his vast knowledge of the marketing genre, LaVon has not only been featured in several publications, websites and TV shows such as and ABC to name a few, but he has also joined the ranks of the most sought after public speakers of our time, hosting and headlining conferences, seminars and workshops in addition to Co-Founding the Make Them Buy Marketing and Branding Boot camps.

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